Childhood stimulation key to brain development

I, for one, have suggested that change in Nicaragua is best effected with children. The change I am talking about is from a "help me" attitude to a "help yourself" attitude. We can debate whether this change is needed/is good but here is some indication that the children are where to start.

An article in The Guardian confirms that there is a difference in brain development if children receive more stimulation. Historically society has blamed under-achievement on race and other inherited conditions. This study says otherwise.

Farah took data from surveys of home life and brain scans of 64 participants carried out over the course of 20 years. Her results, presented on Sunday at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in New Orleans, showed that cognitive stimulation from parents at the age of four was the key factor in predicting the development of several parts of the cortex – the layer of grey matter on the outside of the brain – 15 years later.