Buying a few manzanas in Rivas / I need a lawyer

Hi, I am going down to look at some property near San Juan Del Sur next month. I will be ready to buy it if everything works out. Please recommend a good lawyer there to review and confirm the title info and babysit the sale for me.

Thanks, TJ

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Law representative.

Hello, We have always used Paul Tiffer. We highly recommend him. He is honest and will go out of his way to help you through the many different piles of paper work that must be signed and sent to all involved in the process.

Sheila & Steven Kyle Ithaca New York and Salinas Grande Nicaragua

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Paul Tiffer...

did our purchase and title insurance, we are very pleased with his work.

He speaks excellent english so there were no misunderstandings. He has helped us with a number of things here, he is a very valuable person to know Paul Tiffer;

-Doug ©

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Many great reviews of Mr Tiffer on here, sounds like a solid choice !

Do You Speak Spanish

Or do you need a lawyer who speaks English?

Spanish only is fine

Spanish only is fine

Good Lawyer

hi i have this contact, her name is ILeana Sequeira,

Thanks for the recomendation

Thanks for the recomendation

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on your experiences.