Barley or Wheat

Does anyone know where to get Barley or Wheat from? Malted or Unmalted is fine...but Malted would be ideal


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Barley should be relatively

Barley should be relatively easy to find....its called "cebada" and there is common drink made out of it.

Wheat is easy

Most of the time, you will find it in any public market. The one time I didn't find in Estelí the person I talked to explained that the shipment from Canada had been delayed. Wheat can be grown/is grown in Nicaragua but apparently it is better financially to grow beans and corn on the land and import wheat.

I have looked for but never found barley. Buckwheat and quinoa are also on my looked for but never found list.

Try milo/milon as a barley substitute

I have gotten barley flour for the drink someone else mentioned. I think I've also gotten pearled barley once. Will check the market once I've gotten all the regalos distributed and the dog back from boarding.

Milo is quite high in protein (15%, on par with most wheat), and grows well in the dry season.

Rebecca Brown

thanks, quinoa would be

thanks, quinoa would be great, one of my favorite grains/seeds(whatever it falls under). altho for this purpose, (brewing beer), barely and wheat are my 2 focuses. ill keep an eye out next time im in the market in Rivas...but if anyone knows somewhere to get barely, that would be great.


Like IDKK said Barley is Cebada. The Mercado in Rivas has it, probably in lb or 1/2 lb bags.... but you might have to go "inside the market. In Managua you can get it cheapest in Bulk at Mercado Mayoreo