Accredited ... -- Translation Please

The article is titled Accredited Business Consolidators Corp. to Acquire 135 Acre Property on the Bay of Bluefields, Nicaragua. Reading the article, it sounds like a big player doing, well, something. But, what the property is and what is happening is not really clear.

My guess is that there are players ar at least people in Bluefields that know the facts behind the rumors so it is just a matter of connecting the information in this article with what someone on the grond knows.Note that there is a link to a map of where the property is at Any takers?

Over the next two months, the Company will finalize its financing and the formation of a Nicaraguan corporation to hold the property and further develop its plans. The Company will not issue any additional shares in connection with this transaction. Rather, the property acquisition will be financed through a banking lender, by the seller, or through a warehouse line of credit from My Pleasure Ltd., United Kingdom, the majority owner of AccreditedBiz. Any debt incurred as a result of the transaction will be long term in nature and at standard commercial interest rates.