Big Cuba Fan

and I was sorry to see this go:

I had hoped to slip in a week or two this winter to check out the ground game for a later, longer trip around the island.

I think that many of the Usano Nicaragua volunteers, especially the ones who came down for a longer period, would have taken advantage of the opportunity to visit Cuba. Cuba is a country many are curious about.

They just didn't give it enough time to catch on.

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It only stopped in Cuba on the way from Rome.

That may have been part of the problem.

NATIONAL NEWS – Del Sur News 7th June 2012 June 6, 2012

Kelvin Marshall – Del Sur News

New Airline Service to Nicaragua – An Italian airline called Blue Panorama has announced that it will begin flying a Rome – Havana (Cuba) – Managua route in July. To start with they will return to Rome with a direct flight from Managua. The route is designed to offer passengers the combination of a Cuba/Nicaragua vacation experience as they already fly 60,000 passengers a year from Rome to Havana. They plan to increase the frequency of flights on this route and maybe offer a direct Rome – Managua service, depending on the demand. Blue Panorama has 17 years of experience and their fleet includes six Boeing 767-300 airplanes which can carry up to 265 passengers.

Ahh, Yes, You're Right

They could have filled the plane with Nicaragua - Cuba - Nicaragua traffic, and still not impacted the Rome - Cuba - Rome freight.

Too bad, I think a lot of people would have eventually made the trip as part of an extended Nicaragua "vacation". There has to be quite a bit of curiosity among young, educated, Nicaraguans about Cuba. Older Nicaraguans probably still remember Cuban teachers and medics. Seems like a natural.

Plus it would have offered Canadians another route to Nicaragua. An opportunity for someone.

Maria and I both want to go.

Last time we checked it was about $700 or so return Managua, SJ, Panama, Habana

A Lot For

such a short flight (or would be if you didn't have to go through CR and Panama). I talked t one of the TRN memters in Puerto Cabezas about the possibility of a bot, but he hasn't found anything so far. You would think that there would be some shipping.

Shelley's flight from Habana to Cancun was much less, but that was 2007 and prices are way up. It was a short booking, I think less than $200. I remember $200 RT being the number if you booked in advance.

What are Canadian snowbirds paying to get to Varadero and back? Canadians have always had a solid relationship with Cuba; that country will explode as a retirement destination for Canadians eventually.

Some Canadians were there trying to get some things going with the Cuban government while I was there, a golf course. That was like asking to have your teeth pulled without novocain back then. Karl vs Economic Reality. There were any number of stories about people walking away from their Cuban partnerships, leaving the keys behind, and just getting on a plane.

Still, you can't fault the $2 Billion in tourism, and that's without Americans. Add another $2 Billion (or more, I'm sure a lot slips in through the back door) in remittances and you can see why they no longer worry about the price of sugar.

Cuba is generally about the

Cuba is generally about the most inexpensive vacation for Canadians. Generally ranging from $500-$800 pp for a week all inclusive including flight although I have seen cheaper and more expensive. I find that the Cuban star rating system is off compared to other locations. Example a Cuban 5 star is more comparable to a 3-4 in Mexico or Dominican.