Fake Journalists or Presidential-level Narco Ring?

We heard the story of the fake journalist in the Televisa Vans with $9.2 million getting caught entering Nicaragua. We then heard the assortment of denials by Televisa and others that this had anything to do with Televisa. Well, Daniel Hopsicker does his homework and it appears we are just hearing the cover story.

In his article in Mad Cow Morning News he compares this story to Watergate.

According to [Nicaraguan] prosecutors, the narcos, or the narco-journalists, from Televisa have been running, for the past five years, a drug trafficking and money laundering pipeline running the length of Central America.

If six satellite TV vans bearing Televisa logos ran up and down Central America for almost five years without anyone at the network noticing, it would be of a piece with the impunity which Mexican oligarchs believe is their due.

Apparently, Fake Journalists is a label from the US press and we see it here in Nicaragua as well but the Mexican press is calling it the Narco-Televisa Scandal.