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Oh No, Mr Bill!

What a loss. I too looked every day for new features.

Tim told it like it is,, fair and balanced.

it is about time

That someone from Nicaliving steps forward to continue the mission of the Nicaragua Dispatch. While I believe it is strongly slanted, it is one of the few English language sources of Nicaraguan news I know of.

How about it? Are the any wannabe journalists\editors willing to take the rein? I bet there is very little overhead and few employees to be responsible to. The only downside is all of Nicaliving would give you a load of crap if you write something we don't like :-)

1st Capt. Ron

(Title by Miskito Alan)

It requires more than a Wannabe Journalist

To live here as a foreigner, on a residency and report in the way he was reporting.

IMO, he pushed it about as far as an outsider could push it.

To say nothing of the expenses involved. You can't do it from an armchair.

It would be full time job to put out a good story every few days or so.

It's an unfortunate object lesson on why crowd sourcing ... fickle.

Rebecca Brown

You mean it would be if someone did that?

Tim is Nicaragua Dispatch and Nicaragua Dispatch is Tim.

Who else could pen" Confidencial" or present “Esta Semana”? They tune in and read Carlos Fernando, not the program name or channel.

Besides, he is not asking for anyone to help him or take it over in his absence.

He comments that it worked better as a web site....

... than as a business. Always an issue with things like that.

Rebecca Brown

He sought donations as well as ads.

The internet ad business is saturated, more so on a limited appeal site.

IMO, The donation and sponsorship idea makes it look like a project or a "Friends of ND" rather than a business, that makes it harder to sell ads so the whole thing becomes circular. Less ads, more donations, but not enough to pay the bills.

Because of our even smaller market, we made the web edition a Value Added item for the advertisers in the paper.

You're the only game in your market

Nicaraguan Dispatch tried to be the English-language newspaper of record (mas o menos) for Nicaragua, and that's a harder target audience without having coverage up this end of things and in Leon and out on the coast. It seemed sometimes annoyingly Granada-centric. And with machine translation, most of us can use La Prensa and El Diario even with less than competent Spanish and they have more reporters and coverage nation-wide.

Rebecca Brown

I guess that means

you are interested in doing the job?

I just hate to see that site end.

1st Capt. Ron

(Title by Miskito Alan)

NOT, No....

I couldn't do it.