Child illegal immigration from Central America to the US

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Similar story to the book,

Similar story to the book, Enrique's Journey, though many/most stories do not have happy endings, not if you know all the details.


I was just talking to a relative in L.A. last night who mentioned that many of these ``child immigrants`` are gang members.

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Supporting documentation?

I would be interested in seeing something that supports this (or, at least a quantification of many). While I have nothing to support otherwise, I would be more inclined to think that put in a situation to become would be more likely than are.

In any case, its better for those of us living in Central America that they are in Los Angeles instead of here. :-)


How many there are isn't known, because it isn't documented, mostly because it cannot be officially documented. While the numbers are likely exaggerated by both sides of the immigration debate (even though "immigration" is not what they usually debate), the stories stem from Border Patrol and other reports that highlight the fact that little to nothing can be done about minors cross the border to reunite with (alleged) family, even when the minors are known or even admitted gang members. Law enforcement cannot treat minor gang members differently than they treat minor non-gang members. The standard requirement of verifying that those who enter are not violent criminals is not applied to children, even if they are 17-year old children, with a record of their crimes tattooed on their bodies (something that, were it a lie, would quickly get them killed in their home country).