cement water tank

cement water tank

In looking through some past posts I just came across a thread about cement water tanks so I though I'd post this. This tank is located on a farm near San Juan de Limay. The stationary bike over the well pumps water into the tank which then gravity feeds into a drip irrigation system. A clear tube comes up alongside the scale to measure depth in tank. The bucket to the upper left drips liquid fertilizer into the system.

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I love it!

This is a prime example of Nicaraguan ingenuity at its best! Now all you need is a video clip of someone mounting and pumping, with water gushing out of the pipe!

I saw a similar engineering feat a couple of years ago on the New León highway, where a hammock factory used a bicycle wheel and gear setup to weave strands for the hammock. Sorry, but I don't have a picture of that.

Some twisted soul once commented that it was a typical example of Nicaraguan laziness ... anything to get out of honest work. I think that was a nasty thing to say! If someone is clever enough to figure out an inexpensive way to do a job more efficiently, using the resources at hand, I call that smart productivity -- right?

Steve & "KK"

Miskito Alan says that you are both correct and great engineering.

Thanks for the posts -- Alan.


fat farms

Business idea: these things could be built all over and have people actually pay the farmer to use the bikes - just advertise it as a health spa.

i saw very few

fat people in port. one problem with bicycles generating electricity is that the sweat could be a source of electrocution. ahhhh electic chair with added benefits!

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