the parrot

the parrot

found out who my parrot flew off with! now i am left with just that saggy white shirt. hard to look the pirate part now.

this is jan and dale (dale is the wife of lampson). mr lampson is the taxi driver to get you around in port. honest, fair and will look after your safety if need be. nice man and nice family. they gave jan this parrot who talks, laughs and whistles at pretty girls.

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it's the Cunning Linguist.

i think that the parrot

sings better than miskito alan. whistles a miskito indian song so it is more musically inclined than miskito. both have the ability to whistle at girls and they both have a way with smooth talking the ladies....(pretty girl). ...... i have alot to learn when both a parrot and miskito alan know more than i