Why we chose Nica

Well, my name is Christina and I am from Florida. I come from a long line of commercial fishermen. My husband as well. Infact he was a fisherman until the Florida Netban put him out of business. He has been a Police officer ever since. We like others are tired of the Western World Consumerism. We want a sense of community and my husband wants to net fish again. We started to research other countries and their fisheries laws. Nica allows foriegners to hold a commercial fishing license so thats where we are going! :) It was funny when I first contacted the fisheries department in Nica, they thought I wanted to license a fishing fleat. When I explained that we were just a family, they asked why would you want to come to Nica and live that way. Of course i had to chuckle. It was definately hard to put into words, its just something you feel in your heart. The Fishing village has been lost in America, especially in Florida. And when thats what you've grown up in and its in your blood, of course you long for it when it is so abruptly taken away. :( So, why Nica? Well, thats pretty much it. We are looking forward to going back to the old ways and learning new things in Nica. It will be a much wanted adventure!~Christina

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What part of Florida are you

What part of Florida are you in? I spent many years in the Clearwater area. My oldest son is still there. He wants me to move there. And what would I do? It would be the same rat race as where I am now.

Do you speak spanish? What area of Nicaragua are you thinking about? Do you have kids? When are you thinking of moving there?

I know, I know, so many questions!!

questions are fine :)

Hi Jultime, We live in Naples. The rate eace here is crazy!!! We are looking into Bluefieds because we want to be on the Atlantic. Plus they speak Creale English in Bluefields. i do know a little Spanish though. I have 3 children 14,12, & 3. We are looking into moving in about 4 years. Until then we will be back and forth. Our bests friends, who have no children will be moved down sooner.~Christina


You might want to start out in Lake Nicaragua and the Ometepe island. The reason why I say that is because Nicaragua's Atlantic side is very rough, specially for foreigners. I understand that it makes sense in many different ways, and I think that this is the frontier and where the big opportunity for investing is but right now... not so much.

I think that if you like fishing and community life... Ometepe is your place. Just a thought.