New truck

New truck

New Mitsubishi L-200 dual-cab pickup. 2.8L diesel.

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Good Deal

That is actually a good deal. Things here in the States have risen quite a bit over the last couple of years and the value of the dollar has decreased as well, but most hardly seem to notice until recently.

My thought on a Hybrid was due to gas prices on the rise. I was thinking that once we are in Nica, I would buy a Toyota Hybrid Pickup Dual Cab (rather than transporting one with all of its associated problems and red tape). I wasn't as much concerned about parts due to it being a new vehicle, but maybe I should start looking 5 years ahead.

The talk here in the States is that $5-6 a gallon would be the norm soon and people would just bear it. If that is the case, then gas prices in Nica are sure to follow. There is no reason diesel should be so much here in the States, but you made a good decision to go the diesel route.

Hydrogen -powered vehicles should be a success for a whole host of reasons, most of all the environmental impact, but I suspect that the greed factor will kick-in and it will also be near $2 a gallon. Maybe there is a market for selling home-made hydrogen power systems?

Diesel and life

First, diesel is just pretty normal in most places. It costs less to produce and offers more energy per gallon than gas. (As I remember, something like 135,000 BTU/gallon vs. about 123,000.) In addition, diesel vehicles are lower maintenance.

Pollution is one issue. While not a big one at least outside of Managua here, the common rail diesel (I believe a Pugeot design but being used under license by others) does a very good job of addressing this issue.

Now, the reality is that I in no way "need" a vehicle. Financially, it is totally the wrong solution. I can get someone to drive their pickup to the hardware store, get all the stuff I need, bring it here and unload it for $2 or so. A taxi cost about $.30 and are everywhere.

This is clearly "for fun". For example, last night a bunch of us went out to dinner. We took a cab at a cost of about $3 total for both directions. Not worth taking the truck out. I walked to the post office today. ...

Unless you need a vehicle, I wouldn't both with the hybrid. For short trips, public transport will always cost less. And for long highway trips, the hybrid offers little advantage in economy with a much more complicated system to deal with.

i was thinking.....

skateboard...but the rocks in the dirt roads would be an obstacle for me. the pot holes would be a challenge. think anyone would notice the flayling arms!

I had thought about that

In fact, I even looked into three-wheel electric delivery vehicles. Deliveries here tend to be either 3-wheel bicycle or motorcycle and I thought this might be an interesting option.

I think they would work fine (Esteli is relatively flat) and could be very useful. But, I also think you would need to buy two--one to use and one to let the neighbors play with.

The reality is that, at least importing them directly from China, they are pretty cheap. Might work.

Oops, my error

That was supposed to be $20,700 all included. Note that the negotiation was to get a radio with CD included. I just couldn't get excited about the other crap he was offering so that was what we ended up with. One of the forms I signed when I bought it was a "negotiation form" showing I talked him into that deal. The reality is that after I rejected the stuff he was offering (the bed liner and air conditioning was already included), he said, "well, I guess I will just give you the CD".

I thought it was expensive

That is, I figured the truck would cost $15k in the U.S. Yes, it is 4x4. It has/does everything I want and a lot more. Not sure what is going on in the U.S. to jack up the price. Of course, the salesman probably needs to make more than $200/mo. :-)

This is with 15% sales tax--higher than anywhere in the U.S.