Living Like A Nica

Living Like a Nica

by Phil Hughes and Ana Patricia Lopez

This is a 141 page ebook written by people who live in Nicaragua. The consensus is that you should work in the First World and make money so you will be able to, someday, move to where you want to live.

This book is different. It suggests you can move now, Live Like a Nica and then better your lifestyle. Whether this is your goal or you just want to understand what it is really like to live in Nicaragua, this is an interesting and sometimes amusing book of personal experience. Heavily illustrated.

Available as an ebook from You can also view the table of contents and Preface there.

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Interesting Endorsement

Not sure if this is really a testimonial but a friend sent me a link to this blog. The author talks about "a friend of Doc Searls wrote this book ...".

Well, Doc is certainly a friend and worked for me for years. I know Doc because I knew his wife--before he had even met her. And one of the things that got me to initially move to Costa Rica was because the wife of someone who became a close friend had read a book Doc wrote and told him a bit about Costa Rica which he passed on to me.

Amazing how connections work.