House at Nascacolo

House at Nascacolo

Our little house at SJDS with Herm's dog.

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Nice house! Looks like the one in Horoslav's Pacific Pearl? Are you just down the hill from Valerie and April's? Nico certainly does get around. Have you heard the story of his bus ride? Ever since Nico got snipped, his wanderlust has dwindled.

House at Nacascolo

Hi - yes that is our house. We took a look at the website for your B and B and it looks beautiful. We did hear the story about Nico and the bus ride, he follows us all over the place when we are there. I can't believe that dog can run so fast, he follows our car and I really have to speed up to lose him, which is a little difficult on that road.

My wife wants to get down there permanently later on this year, she would like to use her knowledge as a massage therapist to develop a business in the area. We are coming down later this month so maybe we can meet you then and check your place out. Looks really nice, we intend to do some landscaping while we are there.

Tony and Glenda


Actually my Dad fell off the steps when we were there during the rainy season and either knocked himself out or passed out for a while. (We had partaken of a few cervezas that night) We got covered in mud trying to get him off the ground and into the house. We thought for a while that we might have to bury him in the back yard.


Beautiful! Congrats on the accomplishment!

Nice House

Very nice house, don't forget the handrail, I would hate to see someone fall onto that nasty drain pipe.