Come on in. The water is mooooy bueno!!!

Come on in. The water is mooooy bueno!!!

These cows on Ometepe where taking a break & enjoying a quick swim before getting back to whatever cows do all day.

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What cows do all day

They BS what did you think they did all day?


Miskito Alan &#174

Did the cows get the BS from us?

Did we get the BS from the cows?


Is the BS just in-bred into both us and the cows (bulls)?

Because cows just have CS.

Because bulls only have BS.



Is all BS! But it's also a simile because you can be full of Bull Shit and have "Small Talk", also known as "Bull Shitting". We can also break that down further to say, "Bull Shitting" is the process in which one is full of shit and is trying to convince the other person it's something else.