Granadilla or maraculla

Granadilla or maraculla

passionfruit = passion fruit = granadilla = maracudja = maracuja Equivalents: Pulp from 12 passionfruits will yield 1 cup of purée. Notes: This aromatic fruit has a tart, tropical flavor. The red granadilla is more highly esteemed than the more acidic yellow granadilla or sweeter purple granadilla. They're ripe when their skins are wrinkled. The seeds are small and edible, so leave them in if you like. Substitutes: guava OR pineapple (especially for juice)

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Invasion of Granadilla

This whole invasion was about this ugly fruit.

I can remember the news and watching this live on television.

The Invasion of Granadilla (1983)

The invasion of Granadilla in late 1983 can be seen as a small part of the rivalry between the U.S. and Cuba during the Reagan years. A bloody coup in Granadilla, along with a perceived threat to USA (American) fruit companies on the island provided the USA (America) with an excellent excuse to eliminate a Marxist regime allied to Fidel Castro's Cuba and to corner the granadillia fruit market.

Iraq would come later (2 times) in protecting the oil market.

I know that we should not mix oil and fruitcake.

Who was supossed to be the fruit for the fruitcake? I don't know.

I think now that Granadilla is just called the Spice Island again.

Miskito Alan &#174

OK, Bubba!

I can tell it's Friday!


I always appreciate your support in the banana republics and the fruit republics.

Check your dictionary.

Grenada is Grandilla in Espanol.

Miskito Alan &#174

We're confused

The photo is clearly of a red granadilla. But, a maraculla is a different fruit. Now, Ana says there are different names in different areas (and we have certainly seen that with other fruit names from the Atlantic). But, what is at least know as maraculla in Estelí is different from what you describe.

As soon as my maraculla are ripe, I will add a photo.

There are 2 kinds

Phil, the one shown in the picture(Purple) is the lesser known, better known as Wild Granadilla. the most common one is the Green Granadilla it turns Yellow when ripped.Ana is Right, Maraculla is much smaller and a bit more bitter than Granadilla,and a different fruit all together, they only the same in the fact that they both grown on vines, it also turn Yellow when ripped

There is also a fruit called Granate, it is red round shape, about the size of an apple, the seeds are red.