Santana wanted it, so i'm giving it to her

Santana wanted it, so i'm giving it to her

no, i'm not cpt jack sparrow, nor bill clinton. (i did shake his hand once, he is oozing.) the answer is: the view from our lot. (what did you think i was talking about?) i plan to spend part of the time here as picasso. i plan to paint beach scenes and sell them to the tourists. now i need to take a painting class. (i am unlike picasso, not 5'3", nor am i a communist.)

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It is a beautifull piece of property. I know my country has wonderful land and resources. congratulation. Roger from Nicaragua.

thank you.....

business is the only efficient way to solve problems. gov'ts do poorly. who wants to beg a congressman for healthcare. and it is not the responsibility of my fellow citizens to pay for my healthcare. oops, thanks for the compliments.

Free diving

I think I did some free diving off those rocks, around that point is SJDS?

how was the diving?

maybe i'll take it up.


When the water is clear....

i'll take lessons.....

from you when i get there. it'll be 15 - 20 years. will you be there?


sooner than that I hope, Got the house plans just waiting to start building soon. Gigante area.

i look forward.....

to taking lessons from you.


I will charge by the amount of time you learn to hold your breath and how many fish you can spear. I will be there in May I hope the water is clear as it is right now.... you ready for your first lesson.

i am ready.....

though, in may i am going to prague. last time i was there was '91. i will drink a budvar for you. (the world's best beer, budvar)


Just Wow....and great photography too!

thank you.....

my wife told me what she wanted. with that description, i found the above lot.

if it wasn't such a hazy day.....

you could see the mountains of costa rica in the background.

I can see for miles and miles

I know you've deceived me, now here's a surprise I know that you have 'cause there's magic in my eyes

I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles Oh yeah


Gorgeous view!!! Now, where's it? Has anybody been to Puerto Sandino? if so, got any pictures?


The road is awful into Pt. Sandino. Very limited accomodations. There is a small town to the south by the salt flats that has a pretty beach. I only spent one night there the power was out and the surf was flat so there was no need to stay. Very poor in that area a lot of visqueen houses.

it is

in sjds, thanks

This is just beautiful!!!

This is what I miss in the north, the mountains overlooking the Ocean... they always have the BEST views!!!!



in here (pointing to my head,) i'm already there!



you got a deal,

we can be neighbors. lucky if no tsunami, right? us army reserve, major. no soy capitan, soy major.


Pablo was not a communist but a f..ked up machist pig

By the way..brilliant artist.

Was he Spanish or was he French? Ah?

from wikipedia,

"No political movement seemed to compel his support to any great degree, though he did become a member of the Communist Party."

Are you now, or have you ever been, mellow?

I'm still working on what a "machist" is. Misspelled "Masochist"? "Machinist"? "Maoist?" "Macho-man"?

they call

me mellow yellow. did you notice, the picture is to the left?

i keep telling you......

coffee alert, dude, coffee alert. it is not environmentally sound to keep spewing coffee, nor is it economically sound.

i lived in europe for 4 1/2 years,

so i got to visit cap d antibes, the place on the french riviera where picasso lived. stayed there a week. beautiful place. don't know if he was spanish or french. will start with the paint by numbers or water colors? any advice?

join this online arts community

join this online arts community . . . motivational, inspiration and technical assistance. If nothing else, it'll make you feel guilty that you aren't trying to paint - get on with it judge

With age, art and life become one. (Georges Braque)

I don't see why we ever think of what others think of what we do – no matter who they are. Isn't it enough just to express yourself? (Georgia O'Keeffe)


Dr. Betty Edwards. if you have the desire.. she will help you unlock your talent.. and shift brain hemispheres.. painless and priceless,, buena suerta Jay

thanks to you and arlington.....

i have to put 3 kids through school and get them out of the house before i can retire. "miles to go before i sleep."

but you don't have to retire to start painting ; )

but you don't have to retire to start painting ; )

you know i am a capitalist pig......

so i spend just about every waking moment trying to make a buck....well, and i'd like to start this home theater that i have been planning for the last year and a half. you see, i do like those hollywood liberals, for their movies that is.


I thought you spent every waking moment on this website

in here....

i'm already there! i have 3 jobs, 3kids, and want to build a home theater at my house. want to become picasso and paint from my lot, but "have miles to go before i sleep."

just start by outlining the shapes

If you make pencil drawings of just the shapes of the landscape so you can get the placement and perspective in the right place, then go in and do the details. you should paint that view you have.... even if it comes out looking a little abstract or primative... it would probably look great on the wall, overlooking your beach.

Sorry, i can't help myself, I'm an art teacher.

or if you'd like

to paint it now........

will do!

i will retire in 15 years, so i will take lessons from you, if you are up to it. thanks, jim


beautiful view. where is your property located jst


marlin, just outside sjds, thanks

Lot T-2 or T-3

if I remember correctly. Now worth a LOT (No pun intended) more than you paid.

Great property!


can't wait to retire there.