I need help finding this in Ncaragua

I need help finding this in Ncaragua

The Latin name is Melothria dulcis, but I can't find a Nica name for it. It's found in both Honduras and Costa Rica, so surely it should be here too, shouldn't it? Is anyone familiar with this cucumber-like plant? Do you know it's local name or where I can find some?

Thanks in advance for any help, I've been looking for this things for a few months now and it's driving me crazy.

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These are called Calala.

These are called Calala, is very much like a passionfruit in the states. You can find it in the central region of Nicaragua.

Not Calala

I LOVE calala and thats not Calala

Maybe a college might know?

Yes Josh, you're right again. Calala is Passiflora family not Melothria.

I was hoping to find it in the "Healing Power of Rain Forest Herbs" as that has tons of alternate names for plants, but apparently there's no medicinal value. Rats.

The "Isthmian Ethnobotanical Dictionary" by James Duke has it listed as a wild cucumber, but doesn't list any alternate names for it.

When trying to identify something in the States, UGA was a great help. Does anyone know of any colleges here that have agro departments?


I think that you can email Mississippi State University.

I will try to get the right links.

Many noted people from Central America graduated from there in Agronomics.

My 2nd daughter graduated from there with a major in French and a minor in elementary education.

Lets don't mention Auburn University which is some cow-college in Alabama.

Miskito Alan &#174


You guys are the ones that told me about I.I.C.A. maybe they know where to get it, dont they work with some colleges too?

That's right

Yeah, I forgot about them. Our friend James no longer works there, but I put a call into him about a month ago hoping he could help me find the plant. No word so far. Maybe I'll just have Roger check when he makes his next visit to Managua. He's hoping to visit some shrimp farms later this month, so an IICA visit is in the near future.

maraculla madura

This is what my nica friend calls it: Maraculla madura

not it, bummer...

The maracuya is a Passiflora, not a Melothria. See how hard it is to find this sucker? I've been going round and round in circles.


sorry, nope...

A close look at the leaves tells me it's not the same plant as the one you've got. Rats!

it looks like

a fruit, more than a cucumber, to me it looks like Granadilla or possible maraculla


a confusing plant, to be sure...

It's a type of sweet cucumber and has more of a solid inside than the granadilla. The fruit looks so much like the granadilla though that I can't get the locals to tell me anything but that it's a granadilla, no matter how I try to explain. Wish I could find a better picture.


Look at this link http://www.medievalworld.us/coloradocastle/history_of_crops_origins.htm

Melothria dulcis Ococa Costa Rica, Panama

That's it alright!

Has anyone here heard the name Ococa? I figure it's probably not the Nica name for it, more likely the Costa Rican name. I'm trying to get my hands on some fruit for the seeds. Anyone know where to get any? I'll pay top dollar, or cordoba, for some.