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zinc in social culture

What does zinc have to do with the social culture? ?-d8-o

zinc hint#1

zinc hint #1 the Word to concentrate-on is social!

zinc-hint #2


MA is the proud owner of zinc. (think-social culture)! ?-d8-@....

zinc hint#3

I guess this zinc game is so obvious, we don't see it.

zinc-hint#3 zinc=beemmer or now-a-days its a Hummer!


and the correct zinc answer is

You'all have lost you opportunity to win an official Nicaraguan back scratcher, made from a saw-fish from the isletas de Granada! An artifact without which no home is complete!

the zinc answer is at this link:


I'm so lost . . .

It was easier for me to find MA's house than the answer to the zinc question!

And look

how long THAT took ya! But, I hafta admit, I have NO idea what's going on in this thread either!

please look at my answer below

i said roof!

good for

warding off colds, putting on noses and roofs? ok, what do i win?


WOW jimrichard you are fast but too fast! something else for zinc and not the letter N for nica & pole, try again!

nica and north pole

What does Nicaragua and the NORTH POLE have in COMMON? ?-d8-o

north pole hint #2

This game is too hard. your obviously never going to figure this out on your own!

Hint #2) the person I'm looking for was in the US Navy!


Then you must be

Talking about Robert Peary and Mathew Henson ??

WalterG Wins the North Pole Game!!!

WalterG answered correctly!

You win the famous Nicaraguan change-wallet made from a frogs head, coveted by many all over the World! and as a bonus you get the link to the Answer!

And the Answer is;

Robert Peary (1856-1920) the Discoverer of the North Pole was the engineer in charge of the Nicaragua Canal Surveys from 1887 to 1888. At that time he was serving in the US Navy as a civil engineer.

While in Nicaragua he invented the rolling lock gates for use in water canals.

The US Navy allowed Peary a leave-of-absence so he could try to reach the North-Pole. After Peary had a number of failed-attempts to reach the North-Pole, Peary finally discovered the North Pole on April 6, 1909.

And the Bonus prize, for hours of reading pleasure, the winner receives this link a PDF;

Scroll down to the picture of the guy who is freezing and covered in snow!

Very interesting! May WalterG live long and Prosper Na-Noo Na-Noo



Norman but you also have to give credit to Henson being the first black man to participate in such a endeavour.

yes you are right WalterG!

I didn't know Hendson was with peary in Nicaragua! I found this refreance to Hendson at this web site for the book by Peary's wife, Josephine Peary;

Quote; "More significantly she tells of Matthew Henson, who had first served with Lieutenant Peary in Nicaragua (surveying a possible route for a canal), now a trusted and respected assistant to both Pearys. His carpentry skill helps to construct their fortress for winter survival, Redcliff House, as well as the expedition sledges."

the web link is at: Peary Henson

Thank you WalterG for bringing this to my attention!

They're both

very cool places.

Neither have a functioning railroad.

They both have Santa Claus.


Something else John! And did you know Nicaraguans celebrates baby Jesus not Santa Claus.


but who brings the presents?

Quien causa tanta alegria?

Yep, but everyone (on NL at least) knows Santa lives in Esteli.

ha ha ha!

who might you be talking about?

the letter


Both have

9 letters.

north pole hint#1

Something to do with a famous person!