Looking for . . . . Part III(a)

Looking for . . . . Part III(a)

Wow, all these fancy three-letter acronyms being thrown around . . . .

Well, I'm just a guy with a STD.

This is a picture of me in "my office" . . . when I am not surfing for sexy pictures on www.nicaliving.com. May I mention on this site that I like long romantic walks at Poneloya?

como todo buen piloto . . . mujeriego y borracho.

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do you work for....

pbs or bbc? i think i've seen you before. hard to place the face. i am thinking i saw you last saturday nite at 9:00pm.

Is it

Keeping Up Appearances? Man, do I miss my British comedies!

you don't have a dish . . . ?

you don't have a dish . . . ? you could couldn't you? I stilll watch it but, I think I've seen every episode 10 times. I'm like a kid watching Barney videos that way though.

i agree....

i don't watch it, but laura does.