Anybody Know this Food?

Anybody Know this Food?

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Cathy: Nothing to do with avodados.

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Two winners

"catahoula_fan" - 1st Place

"fyl" - runner/up & #2

Mangosteen is the fruit.

Miskito Alan &#174

When does the fat guy

show up with their cheques?

Wikipedia info

The inside

looks like something they had in Anguilla 40 years ago. they flavored ice cream with it. In their very hard to understand patois it was called sowpoy or some such sound. Never saw it spelt.

And the winner is...

It's a mangosteen.

A what?

Is that a jewish mango?

Nope, that's a Mangowitz

When you cut open the Mangosteen it starts singing Dancin' in the Dark and Born in the USA.

Ah, I see.

Fruit like us, baby we were born to run.

And, contrary to popular belief..

you can cook it. Then it sings, whooa, I'm on fire.

Will you stop it?!

I almost did a jimrichard and blew coffee onto my keyboard.

passion Fruta?





funny guy, Alan. I, however, do remember having seeng these way back when, but cannot, for the life of me, remember what they are. Could it be an icaco?

I haven't heard of icaco

But when I read your post, I thought "Jicaro". I've never seen the jicaro fruit, but the semilla de jicaro juice is fabulous.

Is it jicaro?

No More Individual Answers!

When someone answers the question correctly; Ed McMahon will come to your door with a check and you will also be notified on this forum if your answer is correct in order for you to listen for the door-bell.

Miskito Alan &#174

Heeeeere's Johnny!

Hasn't Ed McMahon heard of Paypal? Surely his time is more valuable than that. He wasted so much precious resources travelling around and ringing doorbells, dragging that film crew with him.

MA you are gittin'

worser than me, any body with one eye and half sence knows this is a doctered picture of a hollered out beet with a clove of garlic in the middle.

Come on MA you can do better that this.

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne

Serious Deal

Ready to be exported to USA (America).

Nobody has the correct answer.

Miskito Alan &#174

Don't know the name, but

Don't know the name, but boy, they are one of my favorite fruits. The sweet white flesh is delicious to suck on (then spit out the stone). Opening it up, you need to be careful not to stain anything by the hard purple protective husk. Do they cultivate them in Nicaragua . . . because I know they come from Asia.

como todo buen piloto . . . mujeriego y borracho.

No wait. . . wait. . . A

No wait. . . wait. . . A South African friend told me that they have them growing in South Africa.

como todo buen piloto . . . mujeriego y borracho.