Dry weather conditions

Dry weather conditions

After being in Nicaragua and seeing all the green grass and pastures, it is so hard to see the reality of this South Texas drought. During our trip, we went to Poseltega to see Don Rene's place (San Pablo). The grass was beautiful and as tall as a man (well, as tall as my husband who is not what you would call tall). The cows were fat and looked great. He raises bananas and Brahman cattle. The mountains in the distance are green again. During '98 after Mitch, it looked like there were wide snaking roads cut into the mountain where the water washed through and cut deeply into the ground. This is the first time since then that all of the cuts have been gone. It was a sad time, they found over 200 bodies in his banana fields after that storm. I guess thinking about it, I have very little to complain about. Julia

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good pic......and very good comment 10 on a scale of 10