Jinotepe's Mall

Jinotepe's Mall

Here's the yellow, two story mall with a food court and about 20 small stores (including an art store and a dollar store).

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Nice in Jinotepe

I've passed close to Jinotepe; but, I've never been to the city.

Jinotepe looks very nice, pretty, and clean.

i will see that city when Roger has the "homebrew dark" ready.

Miskito Alan &#174

You're such a patient man...

Actually, the homebrew dark won't be ready until after we are living on our finca in Ochomogo so you'll have to just pass near Jinotepe again on your way down to see us.

Well, we can at least show you the sleepy town of Paso Real de Ochomogo if you want. There really ain't a whole lot there. Kinda like those towns in the South where you don't blink going through town, or you'll miss it!

And yes, Jinotepe is a nice clean town. Street sweepers are working all the time cleaning up the place. It's one of the things I really like about it.