How does he do it?

How does he do it?

Correct answer gets a free Cage Fighting Video.

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smoke and....

mirrors. long time since i said that!


This guy looks like Mohawk, the carnie who ran the Ferris wheel for Sundown Productions out of Paris Texas. Except for the fact he obviously doesn’t have a Mohawk haircut. I think Truthful John is right except that those are cardboard toilet paper tubes. Look closely and you’ll notice that all the stripes are not parallel!

This is the older

Brother of Turtle Fin Boy...

His name is Slim Jim..

His mother put the bronze, (not brass) tube around his girth, at birth

Thinking one day this might put him in the 6 figure income bracket.

It is an old Pegan custom almost forgotten in this day and time..

Come on I don't want to get in a cage with a monster like HH does, just to make a video, Please oh Please dont let me be right...

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne

You are so close!

How did you know? you are so smart! The only part you missed was his name, and the name of his brother, his mothers actions, 6 figure income estimate, it was a WICAN custom, and the fact that I would not get in a cage with you.

I think it's

extreme amounts of laxatives.