favorite beach

favorite beach

this was my property in Grand Cayman. top of photo on the point was my closest neighbor

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Your beach

Wow. I think any beach that is my beach, would be my favorite beach (especially if its in Grand Cayman)


very pretty.....

is that a pine tree?

Looks like one

Who rakes up all the pine needles? Looks incredibly serene otherwise.


Love the trees down on the water, plenty of shade on those hot days, only thing I see missing is a hammock.

hammoc on beach

I spent many hours raking pine needles from the austrailian pines or casurinas. the needles went into the bush up the beach. there is a hammock in the grape trees just beyond the lounge. A friend playing a joke one day nailed a lounge up in the tree and i never removed it, figured if the rest broke and i needed it ...