favorite beach

favorite beach

I could catch my dinner every night if i had to, there was absolutely no fishing pressure on this bay. I'm working myself up looking at these photos.

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Whered ya



caught them in about 5 feet of water on the barrier reef off my beach in Grand Cayman. these were about normal size for that area, and during season could always get my limit (6) any day I went out. I would take my kayak along the breakers when it was calm. I had a couple of miles of reef to do this. I was in best shape of my life, diving and fishing most days of the week for two years after my business was shut down buy the Gov't

them things dont

don't look like ya got 'em out of the frozen food locker around the block....

Fixed up real nice with good company?

fine eating, especialy when ya' do it your self from the catchin'to the cookin'

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne