Flor De Cana in Los Angeles, CA

Flor De Cana in Los Angeles, CA

For those familiar with downtown LA the sign is right off the 10 eastbound. I've seen another on Wilsher Blvd., also in downtown LA.

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seen them like them

I know the area very well, I live in san fernando valley and this signs are all over the place. I am glad there is finally something nicaraguan all over LA COUNTY. I will drink some FDC for that!!

oh yeah!

it's nice to see something Nica for a change in greater LA. All you normally see is either Mex or other cultures not that there is anything wrong with seeing stuff from our Mexican friends. Viva Nicaragua Jodido!!!

i saw one in houston.....

didn't like it too much.

What didn't you

like? The sign, or the rum?

i never expected such a taunt from you......

i like it. the rum is good.

Heh -

you think THAT was a taunt? You ain't heard NUTHIN' yet! Just kidding...I wasn't taunting you, Scout's honor!!! I really just wanted to clear up what you didn't like.