Member Guide & TOS specifically addresses the needs of someone wanting to move to Nicaragua and needing information and for the person who has moved there and wants to get themselves integrated into local society. There is no "marketing bias" here—you see what people think and what people do. Many members, however, don't live in Nicaragua. It is worth checking author information (click on their name to see their profile) to see where they are.

NL is also useful to travelers. While that is not its primary focus, much of the information here in general. For example, NicaI Info offers general information about various parts of Nicaragua and Living offers links to many information pages.

Beyond that, NL is a cooperative effort to support and empower people interested in Nicaragua. While the forums tend to be self-policing (that is, mis-statements tend to be quickly addressed) the information here is no replacement for the advice of a professional—be it a lawyer, doctor, ... . Monos Media, S.A., owner of is not responsible for loss or damage caused by inaccurate information posted here.

The content of the site is divided into:

Content that is organized and updated by NL volunteers. Examples include the Links, Nica Info, and Living sections.
User blogs
There are individual journals for each NL member. You can get to this area by clicking here. We do encourage people to talk about Nicaragua...
Topical discussions consisting of an initial "question" followed by user comments. The forum list page is here.
A place where members can share their photos. It is organized by region and by other categories. The main page is here.
Book Reviews
Member reviews of books about Nicaragua, the region or just of potential interest to NL members.

Reading Site Content

Anyone can read site content. The advantage of becoming a member and logging in, however, is that the system keeps track of what you have read and flags content you haven't read as new. In addition, you can click the link to see the author profile.

The navigation links at the top right of the page will get you to most areas of interest. If you want to return to the home page, just click on the NL logo in the upper left.

Also, there is a tracker page which shows recent content and will show you what you haven't read.

If you are having trouble with how the site is displayed, the most common problem is using an older version of Internet Explorer. A much safer, more reliable and cross-platform browser called FireFox is available for free. Clicking on the heading above will take you to the download page.


NicaLiving membership is free. Anyone is welcome to join. Joining gives you the ability to add content to the site. There are various levels of access. New members start with minimal access permissions. Once you have established yourself you can ask for your access rights to be upgraded. As a minimum, we will expect you to have a meaningful profile page. To get your access upgraded, PM sball or fyl.

The general guideline for posting to NL is read before you write. That is, search the site to see if the topic has already been covered or is being discussed elsewhere. Note that there are two search options, the search box at the upper right and the Google search at the top center. In many cases, the Google search seems to work better.

Should you elect to post new content, make sure you are putting it in the right place and that it has a meaningful title. Read the sub-pages of this page to better understand the different types of content that is found here. Also, please do not post in all upper case. Besides being perceived as yelling, it is hard to read.

Sometimes I receive "remove me" email. Membership is something you actively create. If you no longer want to be a member, just stop logging in. Your membership will become inactive. There is nothing magic about "terminating your membership".


Moderators are responsible for making sure NL content stays on track. You should get to know who the moderators are. Currently fyl has overall administrative rights. sball has rights to moderate comments. (Some users' comments must be approved before they appear.)

While there is no censorship per se of NL content, there are three reasons why content may be deleted or modified:

  • The content is illegal (the most common problem being copyright violation).
  • The content has nothing to do with Nicaragua.
  • The content is a personal attack.

NL reserves to right to lower access rights or disable memberships for repeated violations of these basic rules. Also, see more about copyright issues below.

Important: When you establish your membership account initially; check and choose all categories. For instance; "private mail" is not a "default" and you must indicate that you would like to receive "private mail" from other members.