Roger's been playing in the dirt again.

Roger's been playing in the dirt again.

The heavy rains over the weekend created some nice mud bogging situations for Roger to play in and to get Big Red stuck, again.

He had headed to the finca on Monday by himself to transplant some flora, but it wasn't long until his plans changed and he was calling Dimas (our only worker with a cell) to rescue our truck. Dimas showed up with his brother (another of our workers) and a friend. Before long, a cowboy came along and offered to help.

Roger stood back to watch what would happen, but stepped in to stop them when it became apparent they planned to use the horse to free Big Red. The cowboy was positive that if he tied ropes to the poor horses neck and tail, that it would be able to pull the truck from the mud.

It took most of the afternoon to free the truck, but they did it and without killing the horse, too. Roger even got all the plants to the finca. 'Course that meant walking the rest of the way carrying plants, back and forth until it was done.

I sure would have liked a picture of the cowboy on horseback toting my huge vervain plant. We've seen some weird things in our time here, I just never realized we would be adding to the craziness!

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is Big Red


just wondering.



she's a 98 diesel Toyota Hilux 4x4.

I drove one of those

all over Rivas a few years ago....nice truck.

By the way, if Roger is playing in the dirt and being a bad boy again...maybe he deserves a good/bad spanking.

Did you call Sonia yet?


No, not yet.

I find it's like living in a time warp here. I lose days and even whole weeks at a time. I will call though, I promise, I do want to talk to those folks!

And as for the bad boy comment, 'runnin' in da mud c'ant ever be a bad ting'

My kinda

girl ;-) .

The whole neighborhood

is enjoying the stories of los gringos locos.


I know when Melissa's writing it's probably gonna be a good one.