SJDS hills

SJDS hills

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Lomas de Sandino

What is your point in your posting these website urls at various locations on this site?

i have asked lanica....

this same question at another of her postings. she did not respond. i think she is the pr person for mrs sandino or worse. i don't know what the final outcome of the pelican eyes vs mrs sandino case was. however, i pointed this out to pete and fyl that given the current political situation in nica, her postings could not help perception.

Nice picture

My girlfriend tells me that the white house in the middle of the hills, looks like her uncle old house, which he sold couple of years back.

It looks a bit nippy or is my impression? some people are wearing long sleeve.


Long sleeves?

Maybe for protection from the sun. The nearest official weather station is in Rivas. SJdS is probably no more than a couple of degrees different. I checked the maximum and minimum temperature for several years from the Rivas records.

The minimum temperature was 24°C/~75°F. Minimums usually were from Dec., Jan. and Feb. The maximum that I came across was 34°C/~93°F in April.

No surprise there

I' m aware that the weather in whole of Nicaragua is hot, but by looking at the picture it could mislid people in believing something else.

Yes of course sometimes even on a hot day, people wear long sleeves for protection from the sun, or because is too windy.

Must go there an visit myself.


You should pay a visit to SJDS Jacko

Those are all restaurants along the beach and they all serve good food but it would be nice there was a good Italian restaurant too.

You can't go swimming or fishing every day if you relocate to Managua.

There is one!

O Sole Mia -- near the end on the north of the "main drag". Great beach front setting, outstanding food, and really nice people.

Sure thing Jack

A visit is defenetely on the card, I don't know about business in there, the good life could be misliding for me.

What you know? I could become a beach bum in no time, better stick to a place where they can keep me on the edge.


Another place for you to visit Jacko

If you really need the city life, have you checked out North Beach in San Francisco, CA? Huehuete Bob I think it was, mentioned it in an earlier post. No beach despite the name but lots of good Italian restaurants.

I once had the opportunity

To visit S.Frisco, but events took me somewhere else. I had my brother working in San Diego, for a couple of years, and some members of my family went there for a visit.

I could not make it because at the time I was too busy with work, I still regret it, becuase is always been one place I wanted to visit, together with Japan and Argentina.

I guess may be one day if I get a chance, why not....NICALIBRE Jacko

Have you been to the Red sea

it seems teeming with italians lately... Lots of italian Business and businesses tha caters to Italian tourists... Italian is the 3rd most sopken language in Egypt! Cuba is also domintated by italian tourists and tourism businesses... Hope to see more italians here in Nicaragua. italians have been a significant influence in the tourism industry in many places around the world.

P.S. italian is also the most beautiful language on earth!

Hi Sherif

I never visited Egypt or Africa, I guess it will make a nice itinery.

I'm more for South America, may be something to do with the latin blood in me. Nicaragua I like it a lot, and if things will go well for me, I'm planning to make it my permanent residency. I already know one italian person that lives and work in Managua, If guess from what I heard that there are many more, but never as much as Americans. I agree about the italian language is nice , but not very useful sometimes, english and spanish much more called for in Nicaland.