Homemade submarine seized in Costa Rica

Homemade submarine seized in Costa Rica

I wonder if the Indian Guy family name is PATEL?

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Mistaken identity...

"SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (Reuters) - A vessel carrying 3.5 tonnes of cocaine that was seized by the U.S. Coast Guard off Costa Rica last week was not a submarine as first thought but a speedboat camouflaged to avoid detection, Costa Rican officials said on Wednesday.

The 45-foot (14-metre) craft was "a cigarette boat," a sleek, fast vessel typically used by drug traffickers, that had an ocean-colored fiberglass covering intended as camouflage, said Costa Rican coast guard commander Rodrigo Peralta."

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Who bets a payoff of 3 million $$$ on a 6 foot max depth plastic kit submarino piloted by a Guatemalan & SriLankan who dont even know each other and have no shared language?

I'm confused

the US Coast Guard captured this sub off Costa Rica's coast, and three non US, non Costa Rican citizens were taken to the US? What's up with that?

Coast Guard

It was a joint operation between Colombian, Costa Rican, and U.S. authorities. C.R. was closest, but they were not in C.R. waters. Since they were in international waters, it is doubtful C.R. or Colombia really wanted anything more than the newspaper recognition.

Isla Coco

Seems logical that Isla Coco would be in Costa Rican waters and not international waters. I guess Isla Coco, which I thought belonged to Costa Rica, is located in international waters.

Link to second article (confirming that it is not a submarine after all, but a speedboat) states that it was intercepted near Isla Coco.

I can imagine the wacky looking craft blasting through the waves at speed, rooster tails, water flying everywhere, screaming open exhaust. Anybody who had a visual on it would be dam curious. Its got to have at least one big V8 in it, probably wouldn't go terribly fast with all that weight and low buoyancy. A turbo deisel would provide a longer range and adequate speed/torque.


It is also possible that they waited for the craft to be in international waters to formally make interception of it knowings full well that only the U.S. would be prosecuting people if it was full of drugs. Though the reports might have been to earlys to be 100% factual it was on world band radio bbc and radio hollanda that the sub or whatever it is now called was boarded in international waters. Since the Costa Rican and Colombian authorites basically work for the u.s. anyway maybe that point isnt even significant for a trial.

Motives Are Pure

The US is the Boss of the world and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Good thing America's motives are always pure.

"I think we should just trust our president." - Brittany Spears

These drug smuggling

Sons of B****es are just as good at their jobs as any one of us....

give the devil his due.. there were no drug problems in Nicaragua when I first came here in 1991... NONE...

Freedom has its down side, I hate what these people are doing and I hate the users creating a market.

I also hate them for puting it cheap in non user areas just to get the youth and weak minded adults hooked on it.

if they all (PRODUCERS AND TRAFFICANTES) drown I could care less, yes I think my hatred is justifyed, EVEN IN MY FAMILY THERE ARE CASUALITIES.

All of the would-be upstanding persons in the world now dead, because of this PLAGUE..I feel for your deaths...I do not want for you to have died in vane..

DEA quit capturing and start KILLING

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne


you've got an AMEN from this part of the world!


It does look a little more advanced than the "Hunley" of the Civil War era in your, now, neck of the woods.

Drug smugglers will try anything I guess...LOL...

Glad they did not use one a them "Depth charges on 'em so we all can laugh about it..

BTW did it pass the safety inspection, have proper amount of personal floatation devices, etc?

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne

Recreational Submarine Club

There's gonna be some extra coca cola in costa rica tonight. They must have busted them when they surfaced for air. They should have painted it blue or made it look like a whale. I guess the recreational submarine club is not up and running yet in Costa Rica.