Cruise ship on Rio San Juan

Cruise ship on Rio San Juan

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South By God Carolina...

North Edisto River, a Typical Red-Neck from North, SC.,2 story Bass Fishing boat.

Blue ,,,/ {' ;'} Miskitu®

How can you doubt

the truth of this.

I risked my life going ashore on the raan infested banks, beating off Ortegocriles and even the dreaded Fylcommies to take this pic and what thanks do I get ??


this is just Great...

And the posting surpurb

Speling is just fine also specialy in your cientific names of things..

Dot quit now buddy, your on a roll...

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne

Are you SURE

this is the Rio San Juan?


I was on the bow with XtreemFischerCeegarman assembling another 13 storey Ikea module and catching TarpiSnookits with a MinnieMouseinBikini lure fished near the bottom at the time the pic was taken..

More like

the St. John's River in Jax. Judging by the class of cruise ship, that is.

I'd live in it,

for a couple of hours..

Reminds me of the "Busted Flush"

The house boat Travis Megee lived on when he was not off to Nicaragua and other exotic places in adventure books...

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne

Busted Flush......

He liked to tie it up at the Bahia Mar..... For that Boat to qualify for the Busted needs a fully stocked Bar a Coffee maker a Safe and a King Size Bed.......

Busted Flush

52 foot barge-type houseboat, powered by a pair of 58hp Hercules diesels cruising speed of 6 knots. Moored at Bahia Mar, slip F-18, Fort Lauderdale.

Busted Flush....cookshow

Read every book that John D Mcdonald wrote....I have never found an author I enjoyed as much since....I think he first started the Travis Mcgee series in the late 50's .....Thats when Florida was a paradise...

The deep blue goodbye...

One of my favorites....

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne

Deep blue goodbye....

That was his first Travis McGee series 1964....I read all his stuff while working on the water.....Makes me want to go hit a used bookstore and start over again...Here is a quick Biography on John D....

Used Bookstore

His books are a great deal at the used bookstores, paperbacks usually sell for 1/2 of their original price & if you find the old ones the price was usually around $3, so you end up paying $1.50. Cheap entertainment.

Same here, while working on the water

some of it several times...

Thanks for the link....

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne

Now chaps

The 'Busted Flush'

I am familiar - unfortunately not too familiar- with is a superb yacht I see fairly often in St Marteen. Waiters sworn to silence, girls agogo, wish I was there.

so not the busted flush

The flush had gold inlaid bathroom motif and lord knows the folks in lauderdale would never let a house boat w/ an outboard in the pier 66 marina (travis mcgee fans excuse me if my location's wrong, it's been awhile, this was taken on lake murray sc, only a redneck from columbia would not have a slip and slide off the upper deck

By the looks of it

it's probably got a busted flush too!


is that a jacuzzi up top...