Anybody know what kind of fish this is.

Anybody know what kind of fish this is.

looks like a pompano, it tasted similar to a pompano. Good old Florida head shot on him.

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Palometa (pompano family)

Palometa (pompano family)

The Palometa

it is not.. those are mostly Brakesh water found in the estuaries along the coast here and are quite bony but I like 'em. landed everyday and in the market here...

What you have there is Deffenently in the JACK family, and eddiable..

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne

I think it's a


Ok, you caught me, I have no idea...


Thanks, have you eaten them.

Come on man...

Don't be worried now, it won't kill ya'now....

you did not eat it raw did ya'? That is another story...

I don't know the antidote for that one...

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne

Settle Down

I ate it I just don`t want to kill anything that is not edible. Not a pro on the pacific fish.

I have no idea why they are not

covered as well as the south Atlantic and caribbean species are on the species charts, talking about the Pacific fishes...

Might have to Google it for a more exact identifaction..

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne

it looks a little like the


I am talking about the fish pugnose.....

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne

I don't know if it helps...

but over here on the Dangerous Atlantic Coast it is called a "Pampajack"

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne


Do you eat em? Are you lyin

If it aint sick....

YES I eat 'em

Lyin' Farmer John Wayne