Humanitarian Organizations

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operating in Nicaragua.


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  • Quaker House -- work in ---
  • Managua, Chureca Trash Dump
  • Pronica -- Same Quaker House -- work in --
  • Managua , Matagalpa , San Marcos , Achuapa , Mulukukú , Limay and Granada
  • Rotary International -- work in --
  • Chinandega--(Trash Dump), Santa Matilde -- Rotarians build a self supporting community.
  • Rainbow Network -- work in --
  • Ciudad Sandino , La Paz Centro , Nagarote , El Crucero , La Dalia , San Ramon , Ciudad Dario
  • La Esperanza -- work in --
  • Granada & surrounding comunities
  • San Juan Rio Relief -- work in --
  • San Juan River
  • Fundación A. Jean Brugger -- work in --
  • San Juan del Sur
  • Building New Hope -- work in --
  • Granada
  • Casa de Servicio -- work in --
  • La Moskitia region-- Missionary Aviation
  • PONTiS -- work in --
  • near Leon, region-- Mision Cristiana Jehova Jireh, non profit experiment to fund micro-economic business (fund start-up for farmers and businesses)
  • Habitat for Humanity Nicaragua --
  • *-- housing
  • House of Hope Nicaragua -- work in ---
  • Managua, help ladys of the night get off the streets
  • Centers of Hope -- work in ---
  • Managua, help feed poor, orphanage
  • Grupo Fenix -- work in ---
  • rural areas, solar energy; cooking, battery charging, water heater.
  • Chosen Children Ministries -- work in ---
  • Juigalpa, Casa Mephibosheth orphanage
  • World Kids Voyage -- work in ---
  • San Juan del Sur, school
  • New Hope Childrens Foundation -- work in ---
  • El Crucero, More Than Conquerors Institute, School
  • Puerto Cabezas & Surrounding comunities, Help a Large Orphanage & Educational-Scholarships
  • Fabretto Children's Foundation, --
  • Managua, Estelí, Somoto, Quebrada Honda, San Jose de Cusmapa Education and child development
  • Empowerment International, --
  • Granada & Surrounding comunities, Empower poor families, allowing their children to go to school, (by alleviating the necessity of very young children having to work, to support the family.)
  • Rise Up Inc., --
  • Managua, Masaya, Ticuantepe, Chureca-Trash-Dump, Helping poor families in Chureca-Trash-Dump, helping glue-addicted-kids get off the streets & Home for orphaned girls
  • Nicaraguan Kids in Need, --
  • England & Wales, Helping children mainly along the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua including the Corn Islands
  • Schoolbox, --
  • Canada & Nicaragua, Making education possible for Nicaraguan children.
  • Natural Doctors International, --
  • Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua, Primary care naturopathic medicine.
  • North Country Mission of Hope, --
  • Plattsburgh, NY, La Chureca orphanage, medical clinics and community development projects throughout Nicaragua.
  • Esteli Solidarité, --
  • Orléans, France, In partnership with "San Juan Baptista" of Esteli, managed by father Jean Loison.

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    Nicaragua will take any help it can! It is a country with desperate needs.

    If you are interested in a certain geographic area or field of work-task speciality, be advised;
    locations and tasks may change with immediate emergencies; hurricanes, floods, drought, earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, worker migrations, etc.

    --- Disclaimer ---

    This is just a list not a verification of the organizations listed.

    Some organizations may not meet your beliefs; political, moral, religious etc.

    Groups are placed on the bottom of the List as they are found. (There is no other reason to how they are ordered.)

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    Volunteer Opportunities

    Education Plus Nicaragua is an NGO that works in the marginalized urban outskirts of Granada, Nicaragua, in order to prevent children and adolescents from abandoning school, and above all to prevent them from becoming “ninos de la calle” – street children. We welcome volunteers of all ages, nationalities, and experience levels. If you would like to sponsor a meal and/or crafts project for a day or just visit we also have a one day volunteer program. Longer term volunteers are always needed. Please visit us at for more information on volunteering and on Facebook at You can e-mail us at!

    Hearts and Minds of Nicaragua Charity Organization


    Hearts and Minds of Nicaragua will like to be added to this list.

    We are a new charity organization helping the people of Nicaragua in many ways. We are really motivated and have many plans to follow through with. Visit our website at and don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter.

    Description Hearts and Minds of Nicaragua is a non-profit charity organization. It is a non-political, non-religious, and non-governmental organization. We are based out of the United States giving aid to the Republic of Nicaragua. Directors and Officers of the organization will travel to Nicaragua to conduct projects and assessments throughout the year.

    Mission Our mission is to aid the people of Nicaragua by means of education, infrastructure, health, agriculture, security, community, transportation and security. We are there to make a better life and give a better future to the citizens of Nicaragua. As we give them a helping hand, we are also there to bring smiles and spread hope. Not only will we focus the people of Nicaragua but we will spread the word to our communities on how they can help and educate them about the needs of Nicaragua.

    We are planning to grow tremendously throughout the upcoming years and making visits Nicaragua very frequently, we are already working on having a group that lives there as a sub-organization. You can visit our website for more updates and register for our newsletter to keep track on what we are doing. We will love all your help and the people of Nicaragua will very much appreciate it.

    If you need any information on our organization, you can email at or call us at (800) 296-1537

    Jonathan Flores Chairman/CEO "Giving a better future to the Hearts and Minds of Nicaragua"

    A little light on the "What we do"

    Hearts and Minds of Nicaragua Charity Organization

    What do you do? I see a lot of Proposed, Planned and We would like to...

    You have the "How to Donate" organized (except I don't see an IRS Charitable Status Number)

    I appreciate you may be new (You certainly aren't different) but you may need to look at your credibility, especially for those living here and see this sort of organization all the time.

    Sorry but I have an active radar for this type of thing.

    Thank you for your comment.

    Thank you for your comment. Yes, there is a lot of proposed and planned because we are a new and we are starting to get the organization on it's way. For the IRS Number, we are currently working on getting that at the moment. With time, our credibility will rise and our specific goals will show. We will be working hard and not be "one of those organizations". We really appreciate your response and concern and would like for you to look on our progress whenever you'd like. More question will be answered.

    Jonathan Flores Chairman/CEO "Making a better future for the Hearts and Minds of Nicaragua"

    I'm skeptical as well

    The web site assures us that all the money goes to the organization but the only claim related to the organization is that the staff travels to Nicaragua frequently. Gee, I live here, have never had anyone pay my way here and if you send me money I will promise to give it to the needy. And I won't even expect a salary--much less a US-level salary.

    We wouldn't want all my

    We wouldn't want all my answers to your question to be " .. because we are a new organization", but this is the main reason for all the dissatisfactory. We do not want to claim anything false. We do not currently have any ongoing projects but will very soon. The organization has not payed trips to Nicaragua for anyone and we are currently working on big events to attend for fundraising to be used on projects. None of our officers/directors are payed salary and will not be paid salary in the future. We appreciate your comment and concern as well and would like for you to keep track of our progress to have more of your questions answered.

    Jonathan Flores Chairman/CEO "Making a better future for the Hearts and Minds of Nicaragua"

    You gotta be kidding

    I hate to be the worst of the cynics about you NGO...but you sound like a bunch of kids who think this is going to just work because you say you have good intentions. Your site is just silly. At least use correct grammar! The best thing you can do to help Nicaragua is take the site down because it really reflects poorly on real NGOs who do help and have a clue what it takes.ZZT

    We do understand where you

    We do understand where you are coming from as you must see many organizations that are like how you explained. We apologize for the grammar errors as that was a draft for the website. We are currently working on correcting the errors and adding more information on our organization. We want to assure you that this organization will be like no other, yes it might sound like everyone else now and it's just our word, but you will see our growth. We'd like to thank you for your thoughts, your feedback is important to us.

    Jonathan Flores Chairman/CEO "Making a better future to the Hearts and Minds of Nicaragua"

    Please add us to the list

    Nicaragua Initiative for Community Advancement - NICA

    We are a US based non profit that helps revitalize rural communities in Nicaragua. We work in five areas: Education, Infrastructure, Commerce Development, Healthcare and Community Pride. We have been working in Nicaragua for six years. We have a sister foundation in Nicaragua that we use to streamline donations and funding of programs. We have instituted programs that have successfully solved the ongoing litter problem that Nicaragua faces. We have successfully cleaned up the coast in a fishing village and now surfers and other tourists are starting to come. We have successfully increased the matriculation at local schools by supplementing the government food program, PINE. We have made some big impacts in Nicaragua's rural communities. We work under the belief that teaching the people of Nicaragua how to do it for themselves is the biggest service we can do for them. We are a non religious organization and cater to every Nicaraguan regardless of political or religious views.

    Adding People Helping People Global to the list

    Our organization, People Helping People Global, has been helping Nicaraguans in the Granada region of Nicaragua for about a year now. We provide microloans to individuals who live on less than $2 USD per day. These microloans range in value from $50 to $400, and we charge 0% interest on these loans. We currently have 37 outstanding loans, and our active repayment rate is around 95%. We expect to extend over 50 new loans this spring. We also purchase handmade items from various artisans around the country and sell these fairly traded items in the United States. If you would like to learn more about our programs, you can check out our website at or find us on facebook --

    We would love to be added to your list of Humanitarian Organizations. Thanks much!

    Alex Tuck

    President & Executive Director

    People Helping People Global

    Can I go on the Humanitarian Organization List?

    How can I get my charity added to the humanitarian organization list? We are a charitable trust working mainly along the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua including the Corn Islands. We are a new organization and need as much publicity as we can get. We need help in order to help Nicaraguan Kids in Need. Thank-you Jacqueline.

    Please support my charity 'Nicaraguan Kids in Need' by donating at: Thank-you, every little helps - Jacqueline

    Natural Doctors International

    NDI ( has been working in Nicaragua providing primary care naturopathic medicine on the Island of Ometepe since 2004. We also provide Global Health Courses 4 - 6 times per year.

    RISE-UP-INC. Added

    "RISE-UP-INC.” added to the charity links.

    RISE-UP has programs in the following cities;
    *Ticuantepe; Center for the protection of orphaned, abused, and exploited girls
    *La Chureca-Trash-Dump; Food-outreach program for mothers and children
    *Masaya; Outreach to a group of boys who are living on the streets and addicted to glue.

    Cutting-eage-Website done with flash!

    ..d8^)..Very cool! You-Tube-Video LINK;

    Empowerment International

    Please add www.empowermentinternational to this list. We serve a community outside of Granada by empowering the children and the families through assisting the children with educational materials and uniforms, shoes etc and then working year round to mentor the children and thier families.

    Kathy Adams Director/Founder Empowerment International

    Fabretto Children's Foundation

    Familia Padre Fabretto

    Managua, Estelí, Somoto, Quebrada Honda and San Jose de Cusmapa

    "Renew the Hope Inc.” Link has been added!

    "Renew The Hope Inc.” has been added to the charity links page.

    This charity has an Orphanage in Puerto Cabezas.


    Renew The Hope Inc. Orphanage in Puerto Cabezas with pictures.

    Contact info;
    Renew The Hope Inc.
    1769 Chicory court
    Redding, CA. 96002

    Below is an Email for a person on-the-premises of the Orphanage in Puerto Cavezas;

    Mr. Earl Bowie

    ..d8^)..The Atlantic Coast has been repeatedly devastated by Hurricanes/Floods, these have left many children orphaned over the years.

    ...Very cool pictures!

    Miskito Alan family fund

    The "Miskito Alan family fund" has been added to the list.

    This is to help the Family of Miskito Alan in Puerto Cabezas.

    Miskito Alan was a beloved NicaLiving Member who passed-away.


    Miskito Alan family fund with pictures.

    ..d8^)..(not a 501(c)3, not tax deductible)

    New Hope Childrens Foundation

    The New Hope Childrens Foundation has been added to the list.


    The Home page; New Hope Home page.

    An interesting PDF; New Hope.

    World Kids Voyage is operated by Eric Blackburn in the Rivas district. So far he has managed to get a school built in a remote area of Rivas but he is in desperate need of funds for housing and school projects.

    Grupo Fenix

    Located at the UNI, Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (National Engineering University) in Managua.

    Their mission: To contribute to the wellbeing of rural communities, creating an awareness of sustainable life styles through technical and cultural exchange.

    Promotion and research in the field of renewable energy.


    Chosen Children Ministries

    En Cristo, -Marissa

    San Juan Rio Relief

    May I also suggest... San Juan Rio Relief

    "Since January 2003, San Juan Rio Relief has been providing free medical services and supplies to communities along the Rio San Juan.

    San Juan Rio Relief works closely with the Minister of Health in Nicaragua (MINSA) to bring vital healthcare to the people along the Rio San Juan." Dan Polley

    Fundation A. Jean Brugger

    May I suggest... Fundación A. Jean Brugger. "Our goal is to support the community in the San Juan del Sur area of Nicaragua by working to ensure that all children and young adults in the area can benefit from their right to a proper education, and that every child is able to fulfill their potential, realize their dreams and contribute to a better future for all Nicaraguans." Dan Polley

    You might want to include . . .

    You might want to include . . .

    By providing opportunities and resources for the long term educational advancement and community development of four Nicaraguan Pueblos we hope to brighten the future of the children and empower the pueblos to improve their current living conditions.

    We are a non profit, non political, non denominational and non fraternal organization, funded entirely by individuals donations.

    Located on the outskirts of the colonial city of Granada: La Prusia, El Pochote, La Epifanía and Las Camelias are villages struggling to survive. Through the concern and the vision of several caring individuals, there is enough hope to help these pueblos in a time of need.

    The information, images, and development plans available on this website are made possible by volunteers, community members and travelers, in an effort to organize a sustainable project aimed at the improvement of living standards and at the educational advancement of the children of the aforementioned pueblos.

    La Esperanza Granada 2005

    Hi arlington

    Hi arlington have you worked with La Esperanza.

    I would like to add some on-the-ground experiences to this page.

    I remember reading many NL members posts that mentioned they were into humanitarian work.

    NL members; Please enlighten us with any personal experience!

    I wish I could say that I was . . .

    I wish I could say that I was . . . I believe they are looking for a minimum one month commitment. I haven't been able to do that yet. From the sales of our Casa Silas coffee, here in Canada, I plan to contribute $1 per pound to their efforts though. It won't amount to much at first but, I'm optimistic.