Nicaragua Seeking Help on Hydro Projects from Iran

Reuters reports that President Ortega is seeking help from Iran on hydroelectric projects as well as asking them to finance a $350 million port on the Caribbean.

Ortega met Iranian Deputy Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian on Wednesday to try to convince Iran to help build several hydroelectric plants in Nicaragua as the impoverished country grapples with long daily blackouts.

There is no information as to where those projects would be built but it certainly won't be in the Rio Estelí. Ortega said that Iran has expertice in hydroelectric projects, something I wasn't aware of.

Note that the article ended with the kind of rhetoric that, unfortunately, seems to be creeping into US news sources about the Orgeta government:

Ortega, who insists he wants good relations with Washington, has also upgraded ties with U.S. enemies Cuba and North Korea since he was sworn in almost 17 years after voters threw him out of office.

For anyone with just a bit of knowledge of the 1990 election, "threw him out of office" is far from accurate. Come on Reuters, let's play fair and let Nicaraguans make their decisions without this sort of rhetoric.

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By the way if you have a

By the way if you have a broadband connection you might be interested to see my collection of Iran photos. This archive contains 1500 photos from almost every aspect of Iran (people, buildings, history, culture, ...)

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Iran has build more than 100

Iran has build more than 100 dams (small to large) in recent 20 years. A series of dam building projects are the Karoun series (Karoun 3, 4 , ..).

I would also ask Iran to:

- give some university scholarships too (they give 200-300 scholarships just to Tajikestan every year). It's possible to ask them to send university professors instead. They do it for some countries.

- Build industrial firms to produce agricultural machines/products etc

- Invest on infrastructural projects like roads, construction, energy.

Iran currently has a lot of money from oil and they will be interested to invest if they know they will get their money back (even with very little benefit)

Now they are building a "Car

Now they are building a "Car Factory" and a "Petrol Refinery" in Senegal in Africa: