was in a bag carried by a woman I picked up on the way back from the farm this afternoon. I don't pay much attention, they are all carrying a bag or bucket, and usually accompanied by a young child or two. They are grateful for the chance to get out of the heat and dust, and rest their feet. Travel in the campo is still very much by foot for many.

This bag was different, it squealed and grunted. I asked her if she was selling it, offered to buy it for the going price C$ 700, pulled my wallet out, reached the money back, and said "Trato!"

Nice Pic of El Gato Negro

Nice Pic of El Gato Negro

Those that can, do.

The rest sit around, predict failure, and watch the fish swim in endless circles. Not much of a life!

Go, Kelly!

You've built a very nice place, and inspiration for the rest of us.

El Circo!

Not the Ringling Bros Barnum Baily circus of my youth with the picture perfect Papa, Mama, and baby or two elephants walking along with trunks wrapped around the tail of the preceding animal. No carnival acts (which I always associate with a circus, although probably never the case). The circus was BIG in Iowa, as you can imagine. School, church on Sunday, the Iowa State Fair, and the circus. The rest was work and more work.

Norman and Norman

I took Norman to the vet Saturday to get him fixed. I'd met the vet before, a guy in Estelí I'd found about a year ago. Saturday was his really busy day, he sells feeds, supplements, and medicines as well as the vet thing, and the store was packed. So, we wound up making the trip back again on Sunday morning.

Interestingly, the vet's name was Norman too, which let to a series of adolescent jokes about cutting the cojones off the right Norman, etc, etc.

Some People Say It Better

From another expat site:

".....Nicaragua: Why We Chose and Love Nicaragua posted by majicjack

Never A Dull

moment in Venezuela as the government seeks managed solutions to the managed economic crisis:

So, we're going to use old cars and motocycles as rebar . .? .. .I'm trying to picture this, I'm not an engineer so it's going to take a while. "Nicolas, hand me another rocker panel for this lintel, looks a bit saggy . . No, no a steering column won't work. We'll use that on the roof pour along with the front axle."

The Indy Box

Not a geek but wish you could secure your data? The Indy Box may be what you need. See for more.

Green power for more people

I'm not that into it yet (crap has to be cheap to compete with burning dead dinosaurs), but there's a Kickstarter that marries solar and wind in a relatively affordable device. There's been enough talk on here of batteries, inverters, solar, geothermal, and wind that I thought someone might find it useful.

Sometimes A Solution

can be so simple:

In this case simply eliminate the cut flowers coming from Ecuador (a country that supports the traitor- facilitator Assange) and replace these imports with American grown flowers. Why buy something from a country whose interests are contrary to those of the US ?

Any volunteers?

There are thousands of photos that need to be moved to Nothing magic, just grunt work. I have created the top-level galleries at (and some others) and copied over some photos. There are lots of other things that need to be done but the photos seem important and easy.

Ram Power (Polaris Geothermal) news

After a long and difficult development, some delays and disappointment followed by remediation work, things are progressing at the geothermal plant expansion in San Jacinto. The company announced the start of the field's stabilization period. 30 days later, the net operating output of the plant will be tested and some future funding depends on how well they do.

There must be some optimism because they are proceeding with their next geothermal plant, Casita San-Cristobal.

i think BAC 1 of the worst banks in nica.

2 banks..bac and banco lafise/bancentro..i have accts. at both..i need some papers for immigration tomorrow they told me today..bancentro..did them right away..bac..have to wait 24 bac i have had a acct since 2005..and also have a cct. for direct deposit of my usa. s.s. check..they will only give me a letter on the 1 acct. not the s.s. acct..needless to say..when u go to immigration the more paper work u have for them the not happy with bac at going to transfer my s.s.

Picard career tip

The grass may seem greener on the other side, but sometimes it's because of all the fertilizer.

— Jean Luc Picard

Mysterious Kidney Disease Slays Farmworkers In Central America

This morning from U.S. National Public Radio...

Manuel Antonio Tejarino used to be a lean, fit field hand. During the sugar cane harvest, he'd swing a machete for hours, hacking at the thick, towering stalks.

Now Tejarino is slumped in a faded, cloth deck chair outside his sister's house on the outskirts of Chichigalpa, Nicaragua.

Tejarino's kidneys are failing.


This form of kidney failure, known as insuficiencia renal cronica in Spanish (or in English), is now found from southern Mexico to Panama... But it occurs only along the Pacific coast.

A Terrestrial Orchid in Flower

A Terrestrial Orchid in Flower

Most people's idea of orchids are the hybrid cattleyas and maybe cymbidiums and lady slippers. I have what the orchid people call botanicals: wild species. Even more so, I have wild species from around Jinotega. This one is Sarcoglottis hunteriana, if I'm remembering correctly. The blooms don't open any wider than this, but mostly the plant is grown for its foliage.

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