How US border checkpoints should work

The video is fiction. It simply documents how things would work legally. Maybe there needs to be something in between but if you are planning to leave Nicaragua and illegally enter the US, it is what not to expect.

Alan Gross on hunger strike

The recent revelation of the creative USAID "Cuban Twitter" project has inspired Alan Gross to go on a hunger strike. He is, of course, a victim of yet another USAID plan to bring democracy to Cuba.

An article in the BBC tells the story.

What's with Nicaragua--Russia cooperation?

While there is likely more going on, here is the first article I have seen that actually offers any level of detail on any of the cooperation. I also learned that the Russians have the equivalent of GPS satellites which is cool. (The EU is apparently doing the same thing.)

An article in Defense Talk tells of the plans for cooperation.

This week in Quebec

The Americas are littered with anti-colonialist movements which have abandoned any pretense of social democracy upon achieving power. All that remains of their original vision is bankrupt nationalism, stale rhetoric and xenophobic gestures.

Los votantes franceses de Quebec de rotundamente optaron por rechazar la política de la división.

This week in Venezuela

This week a group of foreign ministers are meeting in Venezuela, about working toward peace in Venezuela. I believe they are meeting among themselves and tomorrow they add more players.

Here is the tweet from the foreign minister of Ecaudor:

Ricardo Patiño Aroca ‏@RicardoPatinoEC 5m

Nueve cancilleres de UNASUR participan en diálogo de paz en Venezuela. ARG, BOL, BRA, COL, CHI, ECU, Suriname, URU, VEN.

Possibly the most significant -- because of close trade ties but distant political positions -- is that the FM of Colombia is there.

Or maybe not so much a matter of deporting criminals from the US

Sometimes, the NY Times does the sort of thing that only a paper with significant resources to wade through raw data can do. And, so, yeah, maybe not all of the deportees did anything that would have put them in jail had they been US citizens.

Seems like the over five years bans are more likely to be due to criminal actions.

The Convicts order me to stay 20 inches or more from the tank except at feeding time

The Convicts order me to stay 20 inches or more from the tank except at feeding time

Cichlids -- absolutely devoted parents until they lay eggs again and eat the older fry. So far, this hasn't happened. Fry are around 23 days old.

New NL Evolution

I just completed the first step on the NL site evolution project. There is now a totally empty except for user names site up at Let me explain what I did, what I am doing and why.

What I did

The starting point for anything is the membership. Once it is moved then blogs, galleries and such can be moved. Each subsequent piece will have assorted issues but they all require users to attach the content to. Thus, the membership.

Is Latin America making progress?

The question is inspired by a tweet which contains the photo below.

Photo is from Twitter.

Khadafi Fans Can

watch a documentary on Showtime this coming Friday . . .

Review from the BBC for those on the other side of the fence:

Christopher Olgiati’s “Mad Dog: Inside the Secret World of Muammar Gaddafi”

He and DO were always close friends:

Rebecca Will Love

this one:

Don't come,, Send money,,

Won't do much for Hotel Cafe's numbers truth,a lot of people besides missionaries stay there. . .I've stayed there a few times and no one would call me a missionary (called me a lot of other names, never missionary).

Some others from The Real Nicaragua's daily sweep of Nicaragua-specific news hits:

If random politics and economics are on the table

I found this interesting:

Most people have simplistic ideas about solving human problems -- and the left and right ideologues seem to have even simpler ones.

Unlike a lot of forums, Charlie Stross keeps his discussions about his posts firmly civil.

The light (finally) comes on

The typical use the present tense to describe something in the future wording always confuses me. That is, when thinking about how to talk about something in the future, I tend to think in the future (or almost future -- voy a) tense. Well, the light just came on.

Here is what I got in my daily Spanish email:

Mi hermana se casa el mes que viene.

My sister is getting married next month.

I look at it. There is nothing about getting in the Spanish. It says "My sister marries next month", just like you might say it in English.

Venezuela's floating exchange rate

Venezuela has initiated a floating exchange rate to try to curb inflation. Truth-Out transcript of an interview talks about it. (The video is also there.)

Winter is coming.

They are calling for a 50% chance of El Niño. Everything I have read online is conflicting. Some say this means more rain for the pacific coast of Nicaragua and some say it means extreme drought. I wanted to see if any members here had an opinion on what we might expect in the coming months.

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