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Calling Canada from Nicaragua

I don´t call Canada from Nicaragua very much but when I do call I need to be sure the connection is reliable.

For the past few years I´ve used skype and it worked well enough but lately is has become useless. The problem is not my internet connection which is plenty fast enough.

I´ve read enough about this problem on skype-user forums to know that I can forget about solving so it´s time to find another way to connect.

Top up prepaid cellular air time with bitcoin

http://a42.com/site/pg/s/1/4/5/576 Yes, works in Nicaragua with both Movistar and Claro.

just felt the biggest quake i ever felt..

in my life here in mga..lights were out for about 15 minutes,,and no cell phone service..ether claro of movistar

Ilimitado (No Saldo, No Expiration)

Claro has a program called ilimitado for cell phones. It includes unlimited Claro network calls, plus 10 minutes to MoviStar and ten minutes to the US AND the IVA for less than $18 /month.

36 meter tower

I'd need to build a 36 m tower on my finca in the santa emilia of Matagalpa, anyone know of of a source and a contractor, and approx cost...


CLARO advertising slogans

Claro: Leading Nicaragua into the 21st Century with first-world prices and third-world technology.

The three magic words of Claro customer service: No, No and No!

At Claro, the matchless beauty of our customer service representatives is exceeded only by their bovine sloth.

Please be patient. E-mail service in your barrio will improve greatly next week when we take delivery of a new flock of carrier pigeons.

As you personal Claro customer service rep, I will be pleased to give your request top priority as soon as I learn how to add and subtract.

Questions on Movistar data-enabled SIM; SJdS

I have a topology challenged home just south of SJdS, and I need internet to get some work done on my next trip down. I have both Movistar and Claro weak signals on the property at present- but Movistar is the more reliable. I am bringing a wideband GSM signal booster down, with amp and directional antenna. I'd like to create a small wifi zone in the house, so I will be renting the Movistar GSM router. However, I will also bring my own unlocked router down to see if it will operate with a purchased Movistar data-enabled SIM (I can always return it if not...).

Direct TV Everywhere

Well, I tried it and it's just a Beta, but for someone addicted to Weeds, Spartacus, and Magic City it might beat that huge satellite antenna I was looking at (advantage of the really big ones is that they break down into smaller pieces). Plus, the pieces don't look like a satellite antenna when they are disassembled. I was planning on telling the customs people that it was concrete forms for an igloo, like at Cool Top.

Internet service in Esteli

When I was there a couple weeks ago, I saw that there was cable plant in town so I'm guessing that I can get a cable modem there on top of DSL. What are the prices there and what kind of speeds can I get? I feel the Claro site is a bit vague on what's available in a given area.

Satellite dishes

Hello all,

Any satellite dish retailers in Nicaragua where you can get ku band dishes, especially 1.8m or larger to get Directv signal?

Prepaid Cell Phones?

Would I be able purchase a prepaid cell phone at the airport in Managua? If not there, any other suggestions that aren't too far out of the way? Our ultimate destination is SJDS. Any idea what we'd be looking price wise? Trying to stay somewhat reachable for my kids back home is proving to be more of a challenge than I thought.

I now have a medium cheap Claro phone to get rid of

I bought a plan for my Android phone and found that Claro seems unable to not add another phone to the deal even though they could put the plan on the Android's number. The newest phone has Bluetooth and can be mounted as a USB mass storage device, so I'm keeping it as the backup/guest phone.

Enitel Long Distance Rates

In doing some business research I was looking at Enitel international rates. Specifically, this page. There are some pretty strange things there. Am I reading this right and, probably more important, is it true?

Gizmo for Google Voice (VoIP)

Phone home?

"This is a standalone voice bridge device that can be connected to a standard telephone and it does not require a PC."

See: Obi100 VoIP Telephone Adapter at Cool Tools.

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