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Urban Farming

An article in NationOfChange talks about some ways urban farming (and not just veggies) can be done. The article is not a how-to but rather intended as inspiration.

There are some examples presented but the two things you should take away from the article are:

  1. If grow organic locally works in Brooklyn and Singapore, it surely will work in the tropics.
  2. Creativity is the key.

(Very) Locally Grown

I just read about what is being called a supply chain revoluiton in the US. It's an interesting idea and it might ever work better in Nicaragua. Strange as this sounds, the concept is to grow food crops on the roof of supermarkets.

Winter is coming.

They are calling for a 50% chance of El Niño. Everything I have read online is conflicting. Some say this means more rain for the pacific coast of Nicaragua and some say it means extreme drought. I wanted to see if any members here had an opinion on what we might expect in the coming months.


just got a big 1 here in mga

Nicaragua U-turn on pesticide ban

Newsroom Panama reports on what sounds like one more political game. Sounds like it is a ban but industry doesn't like it. Sorta sounds like the US EPA.

ONLY a week after imposing a ban on prohibited agrochemicals,the Nicaraguan government has taken a step back and is allowing entry to supplies already purchased by companies in the agricultural sector.

Is Nicaragua "Roundup-ready"?

I think the answer is no. That answer isn't unique to Nicaragua but it certainly has the right conditions to make glyphosate more of a problem than in some other places.

An article in MDPI, the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, takes a serious look at glyphosate and kidney disease. Unlike many generic studies meaning ones that average results over the world, this one focused primarily on Sri Lanka.

Here is the abstract from the article.

Coffee Prices Surge

This Is Very Good News!

Unfortunately, it probably didn't happen soon enough to help the small grower,, his coffee was already gone.

Four months ago everyone was talking about how coffee was going to be selling for less than $1 /pound.


Cool site for ag, gardening, machinery, etc. Nice fit for Nicaragua -

Cool site for agriculture, gardening, machinery, etc. It seems like a nice fit for NicaLiving -

Thought this might be useful to some users here. It is a site that has a lot of "open source" tools for home, farm, and business. all the tools, etc can be built with standard items that are not branded, model specific, etc.

Here is some of the tools -


Does anyone know if this is grown here? and can be found in the markets?, or can what is grown in Chile be purchased here?

It is grown in a number of countries, but would like to find a Central to Southern Amerian source and know it is grown in Chile for export, but have no clue to it's use here if at all.

60.000 liter steel tank for sale

Could have been a nice boat to, very solid and good shape $ 6.000

Shade-grown + electricity?

We know that good coffee is shade-grown coffee. Typical shade comes from non-productive trees and bananas. But, what if you could get shade and electricity?

An article from Institute for Science in Society caught my eye. It is about farming and PV solar in Japan but it seems perfect for coffee growing.

Two views on subsistence farming

From Kenya, "Subsistence Farming is the Cause of All Our Problems" with the counter arguments in the comments. The Nicaraguan reality is that around 47 percent of the population is engaged in agriculture and that the most profitable parts of the agricultural economy tend to be growing export crops. Where machines can be used or where less labor is needed, the landowner will do better economically than if the labor is done by hand and is intensively hand cultivated or harvested.

Farming Techniques -- Permaculture

The thread seems to be turning into a critique of farming techniques. It is well worth starting a thread about alternative agriculture techniques. I would specifically like to talk about the concept of permaculture. I know NL members who are doing this (but would rather just do it than talk about it).

Neem Oil

Anyone know where to buy concentrated Neem (Nim) Oil in Nicaragua? There was a place in Jinotepe that was selling it, but they seem to have closed down. Thanks Greg.

just got back from 5 days on the farm..

lot of rain and internet or cell phone was nice..they got a great hotel in waslala for 200 cords a night..hotel waslala

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