Claro is pissing me off - again!

It is time to bitch about Claro. When I first moved here 5 years ago, Claro offered serveral english channels. These channels included Fox news, ABC, NBC, and CBS. Five years on, and now just CBS is available in Matagalpa. Tonight even CBS is off the air. instead a Catholic channel is on. I really don't care about that, The reason I have Claro cable versus Tele-cable (the other cable company here in town) is because of the English language programming. I cannot even go into the office to bitch because I told Claro to cut my cable several months ago and they have not yet.

products made in Esteli?

When I inquired about where pine needle baskets and pine wood bowls were made of course Esteli came up, but don't remember seeing those products in the market in Esteli anywhere , perhaps because they are made mostly for the Masaya tourist market?

Anyone living in the north know where these items are being made if at all there?

rental cars

I recently returned home from my first trip to Nicaragua. It was great! I booked my trip through Orbitz including a rental car from Budget to be picked up at the airport in Managua. Orbitz quoted me a price of $220.45. When I took physical possession of the car we, me and a Budget employee, spent about 20 minutes checking for existing damage and that all the equipment that was supposed to be there was in fact there.

dose any one no where i can..

get a gasket for a pressure cooker..went to 1 place that sells them ..they had them for small cookers..not 1 as big as ours..dose any one make them??????

Felix Perez (aka FAP) and Extreme Cigars

Felix used to post on this forum in 2006 and 2007. He would send me cigars in the US mail that were very good. Is he still around? Thanks in advance. Regards to all.

Boot makers in Esteli

Could anyone recommend a custom boot maker in Esteli and what is the approximate time between measurement and delivery of the final product? Regards to all

Marine batteries

I am looking to pick up some 12V deep cycle "no-maintenance" (AGM) marine batteries. Apparently Pricesmart only sells flooded cell marine bats (or was I misinformed?).

I'd also like to buy one of these new higher-end "smart" battery chargers.}

Does anyone a place that sells them here?

I'd be much obliged to anyone who can help me out here.

Inexpensive GMO test/tester?

There are a lot of people, myself included, who would like to avoid GMO food. The labeling wars continue at the state level in the US but that is not going to fix things in Nicaragua. That got me wondering if there was a cheap/easy way to detect GMOs.

I am not talking about looking for trace quantities of anything. I am thinking that if you could easily test that quintal of corn or soybeans you have, it would be a good thing.

I learned a lesson today!

I thought I would be smart and go ahead and exchange $500 US while I was still here ahead of my trip so I wouldn't have to worry about. I called Wells Fargo and told them that I wanted 500 worth of Cordobas and they said they would call when it was in. So today they called and I headed right down there to exchange my money. My first red flag was when the lady comes walking back to the front with a huge bundle of cash. The reason was because they had received two 500's, one 200, one 100 bill, and the remainder 50's, 20's, and 10's.

Hairstylist Recommendation in Granada

Any ladies out there who can recommend a good hairstylist in Granada? I'm looking for a salon that uses professional products and a stylist who can do precision cuts and quality color.

While I'm on the topic is there any where in Granada that sells professional shampoo, conditioner and other hair products? I've seen products in Managua at the mall, but just wonder what's available here in Granada.

Thanks for your help!

Signed GMac's Wife, EMac

Masaya Market (tourist 1) Be Open Sundaqy April 8th?

Or will it be closed for Easter Sunday????

Where to find//order 0W20 motor oil???????

Howdy! I have a 2011 Honda CRV that I brought to Nica from the USA and it requires 0w20 motor oil and yeppers I am unable to locate any! Yes I have contacted the Honda dealership in MGA and the toyota, and the KIA and have stopped at a few oil places and even PriceSmart, but no 0W20 motor oil!!! The Honda place here stated they use 10W30 but I think thats too thick! I called up the parts guy (yes not an expert) from the place where I purchased the CRV and he thinks the 10w30 is too thick as well.

Anyone have any sugestions on where I can buy or order it???

Thanks, Scott

usa federal income tax..

a while back i asked for some info on getting my taxes done down here..checked on the amer.emb. site..they had 1 person listed Senor Julio Mayorga.2270-3162..was very happy with him.,,picked them up today..he graduated from the u of tampa in fla ..speaks excelent english..i asked why he was the only person listed on the he thinks he is the only cert.acct. in nicaragua that meets there requirements to be registered on there if anyone needs there taxes done..i recommend him highly

Any Musical Instrument Shops in the Country?

Hi everyone.

I'm a drummer and would bring my drums with me when I make the move. I've been looking all over the net and on instrument manufacturer sites and never see any listings for distributors/retailers in Nicaragua, just Costa Rica and occasionally Honduras. Anyone know of anywhere in the country that I can pick up drums, cymbals, and those kinds of items?

Big & tall shop

Hi everyone.

I'm looking to move to Nicaragua in a couple years. I'm 6'6" and big and wear a size 16 shoe. Does anyone know of anywhere in the country that I can buy clothes to fit me?

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