Global Warming And Obama-nomics

Less disposable income in the US should mean less tourism and investment in Nicaragua. Continuing stagnant home prices means fewer retirees can bail and seek an off-shore retirement opportunity.

Nica economy seems to be chugging right along. Maybe Nica tourism is all that anyone can afford now.

My take: socialism advances in the US with all the associated downsides, and capitalism advances in Nicaragua and the country prospers.

Preparing for legal Marijuana

With more and more places where Marijuana is being legalized, it would seem there are going to be some serious opportunities. I am not talking about the let's get high industry but so many other possibilities. It is just that the let's get high side gets so much emphasis -- whether it is pro or anti-legalization.

Joe Versus the Volcano

OK, I intended to park this under the detailed & serious treatise on the active volcano a couple countries up the chain. Then I thought better. I saw that movie (subject title) about the time I was taping Kristofferson's "Third World Warrior", which I finally listen to here in Nicaragua a score of years after the fact. Recalling the flick set me thinking.


A friend in Oregon just sent me a "business idea". He claims a new product called choffy is the new coffee replacement health drink. It's roasted cacao.

As I know of two NL members (Andrew and Doug) who are growing cacao and clearly they are not the only two people growing it here, I figured this was worth mentioning.

From their web site:

What to do with a walk-in chiller/freezer?

I am the owner of a top-of-the-line, lightly used industrial walk-in chiller-freezer (currently disassembled but in perfect working order).

Its capacity is 640 cubic feet, which means it can hold several tons of food or seeds, and can freeze stuff down to 20 degrees below zero fast, or keep food chilled with hardly any energy consumption.

Ideally I would like to use it as the basis for a small business that is simple to run, either here in Carazo or Managua.

On the other hand, I could just sell the damn thing for about $12,000 bucks and be done with it.

I’m open to suggestions.

Looks like the biggest tourism market is selling to the Chinese

Given that Nicaragua has some Chinese though not that many, and has a number of Koreans managing garment factories, perhaps this would be something that Nicaragua could tap into, especially since the Chinese might be investors in a canal here. Any of you know Mandarin or Cantonese?

The funny thing is that the comments about Chinese tourists are not that different from the comments about any number of other nationalities as tourists.

Fuel, raw chemicals from algae

UC Davis researchers recently reported a breakthrough with blue-green algae making butanediol from CO2, sunlight & water with salts (nutrients). Photosynthesis.

CO2 is soluble in water and can be culled from burning diesel (Nicaragua's main source for generating electricity) exhaust.

Cannabusiness II

It appears that Uruguay has beaten Nicaragua to the punch. In today's AP news on Yahoo, "Uruguay is drawing up plans to sell government-grown marijuana. ... President Jose "Pepe" Mujica ... openly declar(ed) that the drug war has failed. Smoking pot — if not growing and selling it — is already legal in Uruguay, and supplying the weed is a $30 million business, the government said."

Investing in US or Nicaragua

An article in Australia's The Daily Reckoning titled A Better Long Term Investment: The US or Nicaragua? takes a look at the relative advantage of investment in Nicaragua over the US. It's an interesting look at the question.

Foreign Investment & Business in Nicaragua. Residency as Foreign Investor.-

Foreign Investment & Business in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is attracting more and more foreign investment in several areas, some of which are big investment like energy, mining, tourism, garment-based free zone companies, farms, real estate, etc. and some others are small investments.

Either type of investment is positive for the country and for Nicaraguans; that is why is mandatory to follow the right track.

For a foreign person it is mandatory to know the steps he/she must follow:

How to promote investment in tourism

We have had an assortment of fist fights here about whether tourism is good or bad. On the government side, INTUR has tried to promote tourism and other Nicaraguan entities have tried to promote Nicaragua in the international markets. Unfortunately, there never seems to be a united message.

Requesting Suggestions for Location of Tourism Business


I'm planning a move to Nicaragua at the end of 2013 to start a small business. Between now and then I'm planning on doing some traveling and extended stays to research different areas and would love some help, suggestions, feedback, criticisms, etc., regarding location and market to help narrow down the search. I'm a new user and hopefully my profile has some helpful information regarding my background and experience in business ownership.

Rough costs and legal needs of starting a small boutique eatery in Granada?

Hi guys!

My partner and I fell in love with Granada during a visit earlier this year, and noticed an opportunity for a certain kind of small, boutique eatery in the area. We're Australian and although we've never owned a business before we have managed a business for several years so are aware of the hard yards involved. We are looking to open/start a business in Granada next year, so any kind of assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated. We are mostly looking for specific information on legal costs, start up costs, as well as availability of commercial property (to rent, not buy) and any little hiccups that are likely to come our way being new to living the area.

Opening a small gallery

Hi everyone.

I am cosidering a move to nica...

I am a painter and I was wondering if I will be able to open a small gallery and be the legal owner.

What type of visa and /or paperwork may I need?

Thanks for any replies

Online Work from a US Based Company?

Hello all!

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