La Concordia


My travels in Jinotega have been somewhat limited, but here goes.

For the main roads into Jinotega from the south, refer to the Matagalpa section. Both roads intersect at the southern edge of the city.

Oddly enough, the worst road I traveled in Jinotega was in the city itself. It was very congested and full of potholes. Once through the city, the roads improve vastly.

North of the city, I traveled only as far as the road to La Concordia. This road was in very good condition.

La Concordia

Although you won't find it in any travel guide yet, La Concordia lies between Esteli and Jinotega (near San Rafael del Norte). The road to Jinotega is newly paved, and the road to Esteli is a work in progress. La Condordia is set on a hillside above a river valley, and is quite pretty (at least from some angles).

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